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The Story

At Everwards, we give everyone a reason to embrace sustainability.

Everwards was born as two young happy-go-lucky millennials, Sudarshana and Veena chose to live a life of minimal impact. Like most people who want to make a change, their main struggle was finding simple and inexpensive steps to make a positive impact so they took time out to understand and tackle this problem. They realised, this is the main reason why even people with an interest choose not to follow sustainable practices. Today they create and curate fun, simple and inexpensive products as solutions to serious and hazardous issues and thus hope to bust all myths and barriers surrounding sustainability.Everwards will be a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to shop mindfully and consciously. Every product has a story, making no one look further than Everwards while moving towards being a responsible consumer.

Be a part of that story today.